Issues facing the City of Wausau

Issues facing our city seem to be numerous and overwhelming. But using a Smart Growth Framework to take a series of incremental actions will lead to a stronger local economy and a higher quality of life for all who live and work here. My pledge is to be responsive to the concerns of the citizens and to keep a long term goal in mind while not getting distracted by short term problems.

Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency

Being good stewards by using the city’s resources wisely along with increased transparency in government matters go hand in hand.  I believe in being open and honest and will continue to propose policies that increase transparency.

Safe and Affordable Housing

The city’s response to urban blight has been hap-hazard, but with implementation of a Smart Growth model and an upcoming review of the city’s zoning ordinances, we will have the ability to create a path toward appealing neighborhoods and affordable housing.

Downtown Development

The downtown district is vibrant and growing, but the hardships the mall continues to endure could have an negative economic effect. I will encourage creative 
re-development plans where the city’s investment works as a catalyst to spur private action and growth.

Walkable and Ridable Communities

Our infrastructure needs to address all forms of transportation. A diverse network gives residents safe choices on how to get around. Roadways need adequate facilities for walkers and bicycles, green spaces need to be preserved, and our mass transit system needs to support the citizens and businesses in our community.

Cultural Diversity and Inclusiveness

An inclusive community creates a better community. I propose the city create a “Community of Color Commission” much like Superior, WI created to research and develop policy on issues facing communities of color in the city.


In addition to being available by phone or email‚ I also attend the monthly Longfellow Neighborhood meetings to talk directly with the residents in our community. As your elected representative I have a perfect attendance record for all committee and common council meetings. Please feel free to contact me about your questions or concerns facing the City of Wausau.


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Your voice important. What are your questions or concerns facing the City of Wausau? Please let me know.