My little postcards are popping up all over the neighborhood. In this last week of campaigning for the Wausau City Council election, I’m committed to walking every street in the district. But with the matters of time, and unfortunately the weather, I may not hit every house. So fortunately you can learn more about the candidate and the issues by reading the profiles published by our local media outlets.

Wausau City Pages

Short and succinct, the profile that appeared in the March 22, 2018 issue of the paper concentrated on the three issues that I’m campaigning on: Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency, Safe and Affordable Housing, and Building Better Neighborhoods.

We need to look at the long term implications to our actions- short term solutions, often times reactionary to what the council is facing, will soon hobble our ability to grow and be an economically prosperous city.

Wausau Daily Herald

The Daily Herald interview almost mirrored the one I did for the City Pages, probably due to the fact that I talked to both outlets on the same day and they both asked similar question:

“As we work on these short-term problems and situations, I want to keep in mind the longer-term goals and how we can work together as a council and as a city to make Wausau a better place to live,” he said.

Wausau Pilot and Review

The longest and most complete profile, I also feel the Pilot dug a bit deeper and asked more introspective questions. Many of their questions were derived from actual city issues we’ve been experiencing: downtown development, Thomas Street, Transparency, etc.

Q: What’s more important for our city right now: building new homes and commercial space or better utilizing our existing homes and storefronts?

A: I advocate for a smart growth plan and model, which really works with existing resources and creates incremental improvements in our community. I’d like to see us redevelop our housing stocks so that we have more affordable housing. There’s plenty of housing in the midline but there’s shortages in the lower end of the housing market. There’s just a lack of good, affordable housing. I would like to see more work done to improve those opportunities.

Key takeaways on these profiles: my commitment is to make Wausau a better place to live and work. It’s all about putting people first to help our community become a more economically prosperous, socially equitable, and environmentally sustainable place to live.