I’m Michael Martens and I’m running for Wausau City Council.

As I knock doors in Wausau’s District 2, I’m frequently asked the question “why am I running for City Council.” The answer is simple: Wausau is a great place to live, but I believe we can make it better.

I am a small business owner and entrepreneur. I also worked in a leadership capacity at a local non-profit organization. This mix of business expertise and non-profit leadership makes me uniquely qualified to serve as your city council person.

The top issues I see facing the city are: Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency, Safe and Affordable Housing, and Downtown Economic Development. I believe in a Smart Growth model that builds on existing assets, takes incremental action to strengthen communities, and builds long-term value in our community.

Smart Growth puts people first to help our community become a more economically prosperous, socially equitable, and environmentally sustainable place to live.

My commitment is to make Wausau a better place to live and work. I’m Michael Martens, I approve this message, and I ask for your vote on Tuesday April 3.


Your voice important. What are your questions or concerns facing the City of Wausau? Please let me know.