Since making my announcement last December to run for Wausau City Council, I’ve attended every full common council meeting and over 80% of the standing committee and commission meetings. This regular attendance is two-fold: not only am I up to speed on the current issues facing the city, but I also have a better understanding of the inner workings of the council and city staff.

Michael Martens is up to speed on current issues:

Much of the work of the council is done in committee. Once the committee recommendation makes it to the full council, it is frequently voted on as part of the consent agenda. If the item is pulled out for discussion, you may not know the full reasoning of the committee’s action unless you observed their discussion and deliberation. Reading the accounts in the media or watching the highlights on the news only gives you half the story. Digging deeper, reading the information packets and meeting minutes provided to the council, and attending the meetings fills in the details.

Michael Martens has a better understanding of the inner workings

It’s often said, you can’t enjoy the game unless you know the players. Attending the committee meetings gives me an opportunity to watch the individual council members in action, and the interactions between council and city staff. I’ve received a better understanding of the process and am ready to engage when I’m elected and serving as your city council person.

Sure, I could have watched the meetings online, but in doing so, you miss the subtlety and nuance. Body language, tone, and reaction are often missing in the streamed meetings. And these cues are helpful in understanding the bigger picture.

Regular attendance of committee and council meetings hasn’t gone unnoticed. Council members, staff, and media have recognized my dedication; and more than one council member has commented on my willingness to be informed on the issues.

If elected, I want to be ‘up to speed’ and ready to serve the residents of District 2. That’s why I’m doing the homework and attending the meetings that help me become a more rounded and better informed candidate.


Your voice important. What are your questions or concerns facing the City of Wausau? Please let me know.