Can’t make it to the polls on Tuesday, April 3rd? No worries, early voting in Wausau Wisconsin runs from Monday March 19 to Friday March 30, 2018. All that is required is that you visit the polling location at City Hall at 407 Grant Street, Monday – Friday between 8:00am and 4:30pm.

If you can’t make it to City Hall during business hours, you can still request an Absentee ballot. Absentee ballots much be requested either online or by mail. The latest absentee ballots will be mailed is on Thursday March 29. The ballot must be returned to the city clerk no later than election day, so you if you are voting absentee, make sure that you can mail it early enough so that the clerk has it in hand by election day.

Early voting is a simple process and no different that voting at your regular polling location. If you are already registered, you will need to show a form of valid Wisconsin ID and state your name to the poll worker. They will then hand you a ballot to fill out. Once you have completed the ballot, you will seal it in an envelope and return it to the worker. Your ballot will be counted on election day.

If you are not currently registered, you may do so now at City Hall. You will need a proof of current address or a valid Wisconsin ID that has your current address on it. Utility bills, bank or credit union statements, tax bills, or other official mail will work as proof of address. A complete list can be found at the Wausau Elections page.

Approximately 20% of Wausau residents go to the polls In a non-presidential primary election year. With the items on this year’s ballot, turnout is expected to be higher. Being a voter certainly matters, and your voice is heard when you vote in high turnout elections. Please make an effort to vote and to get registered to vote if you haven’t done so.



Your voice important. What are your questions or concerns facing the City of Wausau? Please let me know.