March 11-17, 2018 marks the annual celebration of Sunshine Week. The American Society of News Editors created this event to “highlight the access to public information and what it means for you and your community.”

When we think of ‘sunshine’ thoughts of Freedom of Information Act requests and reporters doggedly searching for the truth. But to the citizens it means open and accessible government. Openness creates engagement which benefits everyone involved.

The City of Wausau does a good job at creating this openness: meetings are publicized and recorded for airing on public access channels and online streaming. Documents and records are, for the most part, readily available. But the city can do much more.

If elected, I’ll support a resolution that the City support openness by improving public access and encourage training ensure compliance of existing laws mandating for open records and meets. I believe a good start is to follow the lead of the Village of Weston and work towards achieving the Women’s Council of Wisconsin ConnnectWI certification for Transparency. It’s the least we can do and a good start down the road toward strengthening open government policies.

What do you see as hallmarks of openness in government? What do you believe is needed? please leave a comment below.


Your voice important. What are your questions or concerns facing the City of Wausau? Please let me know.