The agenda was light and the meeting went quick. Here a couple of highlights from the March 13 City Council meeting:

The city approves their role in the Marathon County emergency operations plan. This formalizes a process and structure in how city departments will operate during disasters or other emergencies.

Habitat for Humanity will be building a home on 2408 Gowen St. The city donated the plot to Habitat for the project. While losing a small amount of money on the sale of the land the community will receive another affordable home and the city gets an increase in property tax base.

On a side note on the Habitat for Humanity development: The group initially made the request to purchase the land $1000 in the Economic Development committee. The home will be built by students in the Industrial Education class at Mosinee High School and moved free of charge by Schuette Movers. Upon hearing the back story, the committee amended the motion to gift the land to Habitat. This is one of two anticipated homes to be built in the Wausau area by Habitat for Humanity in 2018.